Create your collection

Submit this form to deploy a new ERC721 NFT contract to the Ethereum blockchain (view code on Etherscan). Deployment is free (besides gas costs), however as its platform fee, Scatter charges 5% of your mint revenue.
Your deployed collection will automatically be listed on Scatter, you do not need to contact us for that. Read our docs! For any further questions please go to our Discord and open a support ticket.

The maximum number of NFTs that can be minted on this contract. Can be modified later.


Mint price for your public sale. Can be modified later.

ipfs or http link to your revealed metadata folder. Can be modified later.

Destination of funds when you withdraw. The default withdrawal address is the contract owner; set this only if you need an alternate withdrawer (ownerAltPayout).

Royalty fee charged as a fixed percent of each secondary market sale. Compliant with EIP-2981.

Setting this value will enable affiliate marketing for your mint. The affiliate fee is the percent of mint revenue pocketed by the affiliate.

Percentage discount applied to each NFT minted with an affiliate code.


Percentage discount applied when a user mints a minimum amount of NFTs. Max discount is 50%.

*Required field. Everything else can be set later.